J. Chris Lawrence was nominated for the Pushcart prize with “The Widow’s Tale” in 2011. His work has been featured in several web publications, and is forthcoming in a couple print anthologies, including the Leodegraunce collection. He also won the Animism Fan Fiction contest, which places his story, “The Trickster’s Promise” alongside the work of other recognized authors, including Cat Rambo, Steven Savile, David Farland and Nick Mamatas.

A graduate of the Zoetrope Writer’s Workshop, J. Chris Lawrence is constantly striving to grow and ever polish his craft. He spends his free time volunteering as a slush reader for Every Day Fiction magazine and working as the lead writer for playwright Steven Anthony George’s St. Swithin’s Murder Mystery game. He also interviews fellow writers for fun.

Chris is married to his best friend and has two sons, two cats, and a dog that thinks he’s a cat.

You can read Chris’s work here; follow him on Facebook, G+, and Twitter; or contact him directly via jchrislawrence [AT] gmail [DOT] com or through this form.

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